que: Travel Light and Stay Hydrated

In a walkable city like San Francisco, having water on-hand is a must. After just a bit of living and working in the city, I learned the value of always carrying a water bottle to stay hydrated and just in case of an emergency on my walks.

We've gone through different types of water bottles over the years, from the rugged and durable Klean Kanteen, to the eye-catching shape and design of Swell, to the elegant and minimalist glass water bottles from Soma.

Recently on Instagram, I stumbled upon que Bottles, a water bottle that has a spiral-like shape. This food-grade silicone water bottle collapses down to a smaller size to throw into your bag or backpack when not in use. And because it's primarily made of silicone, it's super easy to clean, light to carry around, and durable if dropped to the ground.


I also love that the company is based nearby in Emeryville, CA and that they partner with charities like the Rainforest Trust and Grand Canyon Trust and even local non-profits like Groundwork Richmond.

So far, we love our que Bottles. Because my commute is usually a 45-minute walk downtown, having a lighter water bottle makes a difference in my otherwise heavy backpack. And the bottle's design stands out on our desks.

It's worth noting that the que Bottle isn't meant to insulate hot or cold beverages, but they will keep your drinks cool or warm for some time. Also, if you fill the bottle all the way near the top, the bottle has a tendency to wiggle and waver when placed on your desk because it ends up becoming too top-heavy.

I picked up a "Cloudy Grey" color for myself and a "Coral Pink" for Ashley.


we are married!



i married Brendon on a friday afternoon. we were in Sausalito, on a warm day. gathered with the ones we hold the dearest. we laughed, we shared stories, we toasted to love, we cried buckets of tender, happy tears. we feel so grateful -- that we met, that we continuously pointed one another back to the Lord through our relationship -- that we are each other's forever, that we are cloaked in such love and community.


one year, three months after we stood in that Hayes Valley apartment, where he was bold, took a chance, risked it all-- to ask me out on a date. To change from being "just friends" to potentially something more. it's official...we are the patubos!

Blank Page.


Yesterday we found ourselves reflecting on the year that just past. The challenges, the celebrations. WE GOT MARRIED!! EEE! We chatted through what we want to accomplish this new year individually, us as a couple and as a business. We sat down with some of our friends over coffee and shared thoughts of what we were fortunate for in 2017, along with our hopes for the new year.

We try not to put pressure on ourselves regarding resolutions or big goals, but we’re always looking to improve: how can we be better to ourselves, to people, focus on self-care, take care of each other better, and fix our eyes on Jesus more and more. 

As we chatted through this next year we wanted to not just make individual goals but come up with a few goals we wanted to do together this year. Below are a couple of those goals we wanted to share with you.: 

Patubo Goals: 

1. Be ridiculously generous this year with our time, talent, and treasure. We want to give time to the people who're important in our lives, like our close friends and family, but also spend time with people outside of our fold and pursue other couples together. With our particular talents and skillsets, we want to share what we're capable of doing with others who need help. And we want to be generous with our money and our possessions, whether that's taking our parents out for dinner or opening up our home for a friend needing a safe space to rest or vent.

2. Have intentional date nights each week. This past November we got MARRIED! One way we want to continue to pursue one another as newlyweds is to continuously date one another. Yes, we get to spend every day together, whether that's a slow morning or dinner but there's something beautiful and sacred when your Significant Other makes a morning, afternoon or evening special for you. This year we really want to continue to pursue one another, be present, and connect with each other without distraction.

3. Healthy Living; Brendon and I love to cook and we love to eat as healthy as we can by shopping at the farmers market for produce, eating meat occasionally and trying to eat as clean as we can, when we can. We also love our dessert; sometimes a little too much. This year as we're both in our 30's now we really want to make conscious decisions about what's going into our bodies and be good about setting limitations of our favorites. Oh, and of course incorporate physical activity to our weeks haha...for me, that's running at least 20 minutes a day before or after work. For Brendon, that's walking to and from work which is about 2 hours a day to and from. It's so important to take care of your body and being in our 30's now, it's even more important. We want to set ourselves up for success by making realistic goals for our healthy living and keeping each other accountable. 

As you head into 2018 what dreams and goals will you be pursuing? 


5 Recommended YouTube Channels for September

There's a lot of great short-form content on YouTube that Ashley and I enjoy watching when we have a quick free moment. We don't have to sit to be invested in a story but short-form content can be as equally as satisfying, depending on our mood.

So here's a list of YouTube channels that we've been watching or have subscribed to that you should check out. Since this is the first of this kind of post, this list is a combination of both channels that we've been following for awhile to those we've just come across recently.


Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions has been a staple of mine for many years. I don't pretend to be an original follower of this 3-person film team since their humble beginnings, but I do respect their work and time and time again I find myself impressed with each new video release. From one-off skits on the absurdities of young adult life to heartfelt serial stories of love and heartbreak, they excel in storytelling and creating relatable characters. Check out "How Old Is She?!" for a good laugh and "After Us" if you want a good tear-jerker on relationships.


DSNY Newscast

I've really been enjoying DSNY Newscast, a tri-weekly show for information on news and rumors surrounding Disney Parks and other Disney-related topics. Three times a week, the host, Jack, spends just a few quick minutes sharing about updates as they relate to Disney's theme parks throughout the globe. Even though he lives in the UK without easy access to a Disney Park, Jack's passion for the famed theme parks runs parallel to an Annual Passholder's. Check out his video on the upcoming re-skin of Disney California Adventure's Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier and this video on the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster opening up in Disney's Hollywood Studios' new Toy Story Land.


Kai Wong

For many years, Kai Wong was the video personality for DigitalRevTV, an online camera store, community and review site based out of Hong Kong. I watched those videos for the latest reviews on camera bodies, lenses and comparisons between brands and models. Much of the camera gear I own comes from getting recommendations in those videos Last year, Kai left that company to start his own YouTube channel, although I didn't realize this until recently. But he continues to do camera gear reviews, taking his signature outlandish and somewhat inappropriate personality with him. One of his recent videos helped me to pull the trigger on buying my first drone for video. Check out his review of the DJI Spark and his rundown of the best 4K vlogging cameras.


Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco has been producing news videos for a long time but I first started watching his channel when the old internet video company that I used to work for began a strategic partnership with him. I loved his blunt and honest takes on current events, celebrity news and everyday human oddities and peculiarities. Lately he's been releasing his daily episodes into short segments on social medial for quicker consumption. A few months ago he announced that he had ended his partnership with my former employer/company and was once again an independent creator.


Byron Talbott

This list wouldn't be complete without a YouTube chef/baker and Byron Talbott occupies that spot for me. Byron produces excellent how-to videos on making original recipes, from Passion Fruit Cheesecake to Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake. I didn't start watching his content until recently, but the videos that I've seen of him making his creations make my mouth water every time. 


Most of my friends have already visited this brunch spot in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco (in fact, I'm sure many of them try to frequent this spot as much as they can). But I finally got my chance on my birthday on July 28 to go to Outerlands, thanks to Ashley!

I don't often find myself in this neighborhood along Judah Street: although the N Judah MUNI light-rail line travels right through it, it's still a little bit of a trek for me from the more central areas I'm in during the week. But this area is home to a few other spots that I've visited more than  once, like General Store for artisan home goods and clothes, Trouble Coffee for coffee and toast, and Judahlicious for acai bowls. It's usually super foggy and overcast in this area, so I'm never in the mood to wait in line in the cold for Outerlands.

When Ashley surprised me with a plan for brunch at Outerlands, I couldn't help but smile: soon, I would be a part of the "in crowd" by bragging about my visit to this restaurant (only kinda sorta kidding haha).

Thankfully, we went early on a Friday morning so there wasn't a line and the restaurant had plenty of tables. It almost felt like Outerlands was open just for us that morning! The interior of the restaurant felt almost reminiscent of something out of Portland, probably emphasized by the walls decked out in reclaimed wood, which I wasn't opposed to seeing around me.

I ordered the breakfast tostada, which had scrambled eggs, goat cheese crema, salsa roja and jalapeño, with an added avocado. Ashley had the cast iron grilled cheese sandwich, and she added avocado and a fried egg to it. Hers was so tasty!

I kinda wish that we ordered the day's doughnut: I don't remember what it was that day specifically, but I do know that I love doughnuts.

Oh, and we definitely recommend getting a warm cup of ginger lemon cider (it tastes like Christmas!) with whatever brunch items you decide to go with!